24 2016 May

Hurricane Survival Kits Are There to Help

4 hurricaneIt’s lovely to live on the coast. I love the smell of the ocean, and I like all the palm trees around here. But even so, lovely can turn into ugly at the drop of a hat. When a hurricane starts wrecking everything in its path, it’s a terrible sight to see. I’ve witnessed it in the past, and ever since then, I’ve had an appropriate survival kit for when the next one arrives.

To me, hurricane survival kits are essential to living around here. It’s a no brainer to have one nearby, in case you ever need it. These kits have a lot of important supplies you’ll need if a hurricane ever comes your way. There’s water, food, warmth, first aid, and lots of other supplies that help you survive through the disaster. Even if all seems lost, the kit is a shining beacon of hope in all the darkness.

So while some people may fret over a hurricane, I’ll face it with confidence. Hurricane survival kits are there to help, so I don’t have to worry as much. While I never welcome a hurricane, at least I know I’ll survive through it if it ever happens here again.

18 2016 May

Freeze Dried Fruit Is My Emergency Essential

freeze dried fruit bucketHaving some quality freeze dried fruit is essential to me for emergency situations. This freeze dried fruit is just what I need in order to stay healthy with lots of vitamins and nutrients in emergency situations. I have always loved fruit. I eat fruit as a snack and I enjoy eating it after pretty much every meal.

I like eating all kinds of fruit, from bananas and berries to apples and pears. I love how juicy fruit is and that is somehow quenches my thirst in addition to giving me energy and helping me to stay healthy. When I discovered fruit buckets that can be stored for emergencies, I was sure to get some to keep at my home.

Having some quality freeze dried fruit is important when in an emergency situation. The fruit is great for keeping me full of vitamins and nutrients if I do find myself in an emergency situation or even if I get stuck inside because of a snow storm or something like that. My fruit is ready and waiting for me in my emergency bucket and I am happy to have emergency food that I love to eat. The fruit bucket includes strawberries, apples, peaches, and other varieties of fruit.

11 2016 May

Emergency First Aid For Kids Comes Handy In My Survival Kit

emergency first aid kidsMy kids are a very important part of my life. I cherish them a lot and sometimes I feel like I live for them. My husband and I have spent a lot of time and effort trying to raise our kids the right way and they are growing up to be successful and caring individuals. Having the right tools for survival for our whole family is important, since we live in an area that is at-risk for many natural disasters.

I have an awesome kit for survival that includes many handy items for kids. This kit includes items such as food and water, shelter and warmth supplies, tools, and first aid. The first aid kit is designed for emergency first aid just for kids. The first aid kit can really play a big role in helping with injuries and staying safe from any health issues.

I love the emergency first aid kit and how handy it is that the first aid kit is part of the survival kit. The first aid kit has about forty different items in it that will be of great help, should an emergency ever occur. I feel like I am prepared to take the best care of my kids in an emergency situation with the survival kit that includes great emergency first aid for kids.

4 2016 May

Quality Emergency Food Storage Includes My Entree And Breakfast Food Kit

entree and breakfast food kitHaving the right emergency food storage is very important. I try to keep my food for emergencies stored well and I try to have a variety of food, should I ever need to use it. My emergency food supply includes a great entree and breakfast food kit. This food kit is great for giving me delicious entrees and breakfasts and the variety that my body will need in an emergency. The food kit gives me a one-month supply and contains plenty of hearty entrees and breakfasts for me to enjoy should I ever need them.

Being prepared for disasters with the right food supply is very important. You need to be able to give your body the right nutrients and support, should you ever find yourself in an emergency or disaster situation. There are so many dangers out there and I live in an area where a lot of bad things can happen.

I live in the Seattle area, and this area has a lot of threats. There is a real threat of a major earthquake happening sometime in the next fifty years or so and there are many threats of volcanic activity. Living in such a beautiful area is a treat, however, I need to be prepared for the worst with good emergency food storage.