31 2016 Aug

Dog First Aid Kits Are Great to Have On Hand

dog first aid kitsWhen I first brought home my dog, I didn’t really think much about adding him to my survival plan as a whole. I have a great set up for survival including a lot of great foods for emergencies and plenty of different tools that we can add. Still, it completely escaped me that I would of course need some different items that I would be able to use to make sure that my dog would be taken care of during an emergency situation as well.

It only recently occurred to me that I would need to make sure that I had items that I could use to take care of my pet since I do consider him to be a part of my family on the whole. I have been looking at different types of survival kits for pets and many different types of dog first aid kits as well. I want to make sure that I have what I need to make sure that I am prepared for these disasters.

It has been very interesting looking at different products that I might be able to store for my dog. In addition to getting a lot of these items, I am going to have to work to make sure that I have some food stored for my dog. I will be buying a lot of canned dog food that I can add easily to the other food items I have stored.

19 2016 Aug

Food Storage Emergency Preparedness on the Brain

4 food storage emergency preparednessOne of the most important things in the world is food. Without food and water, you can’t survive. So if something happens where you’re limited what foods you can have, you don’t want to be stuck and out of luck. That’s why I think more people should think about the future, and future out a way to be prepared for things that could happen.

To me, food storage emergency preparedness is a no-brainer. When I think about it, I think about what I need to have for the future. Even in a food shortage, I still want to have enough nutrients to carry on without much hassle. So I have food stored away that can last for a really long time. That way, I’ll always be prepared for any emergency.

While the future may be uncertain, at least I’m certain that I’ll be ready for whatever decides to come. I have food storage emergency preparedness on the brain, and long term storage foods locked away. I don’t want to suffer any vitamin or nutrient deficiencies when things become scarce. I want to make sure I can continue on with a healthy body and mind. And I’m certain I can do that when I prepare for it.

12 2016 Aug

A Milk Bucket That Can Last a Long Time

3 milk bucketThere isn’t much time to think when you’re trying to survive. In an emergency situation, all you can do is hope you’re prepared enough for it. Because when it comes, it’ll come whether you’re ready or not for it. That’s why I like to make sure I have everything ready for anything that comes my way. Even if we have a food shortage, my family will be just fine no matter what.

What I have are long term storage foods, and they can be used whenever I need them. One of the best ones is the milk bucket, which only needs water to turn into a tasty drink. It’s also great paired with cereal or cookies. Nonetheless, it’s something that’s very nutritious and I can count on it being just as good years from now. I can definitely keep my family’s health up with this.

While there are some families that definitely don’t think ahead, I’m not one of them. I want to make sure my family’s doing alright in any situation thrown at us. That means I need to be ready for the worst, and with food that can last I really feel confident we’ll be just fine in any situation.

5 2016 Aug

Staying Safe with Car Emergency Kits

2 car emergency kitsBeing out alone in my car does give me some concerns at times. If I ever get into a bad situation, how will I get help? Well, being the self-sufficient person I am, I have a really nice kit for my car in case of emergency. It basically has all of the basics I need to get out of a sticky situation. From jumper cables to a flat tire inflator, I have everything I could ever need in this kit.

You see, I got one of those car emergency kits that I can count on if I ever get into a bind. It’s packed full of lots of things I could use in an emergency. There are things like a first aid kit and a survival blanket, too. And if it’s ever raining out, I can wear the emergency poncho with a hood. It would keep me nice and dry while I’m braving harsh weather.

In the end, I think I could survive in a difficult situation with my car as long as I have one of those car emergency kits. I’m not always the most prepared person, but I think having one of these is smart since I tend to drive alone. As long as I have something like this, I should be in good hands.