26 2016 Nov

Survival Seed Packs Are Important for Long Term Survival

4-survival-seed-packsWhile I do have many different survival items and foods in my home to ensure that my family is prepared for a disaster situation, I worry about long term survival if something really big happened. I have gotten used to seeing all of these shows around on TV that suggest that in a larger emergency situation it would be extremely important to have items on hand to grow food.

To make sure that I can prepare my family for long term survival even after a year worth of food supplies have dwindled, I have started to look for seeds that I can store for many years at a time. I have purchased some great survival seed packs that are filled with a mix of food seeds that will be wonderful to have on hand in some kind of serious emergency.

With these around, I know that at least if my family is prepared for long term survival more than they would have been before. These seeds give us a chance to really survive several years after a big disaster rather than only a few months or a year. Being prepared for anything is really important to me, so having this seeds is a great step toward that.

21 2016 Nov

Teaching My Children Emergency First Aid For Kids

3-first-aidSince I would really like to make sure that every member of my family has the very best shot in an emergency situation, I have to make sure everyone has the skills and knowledge that they might need for this kind of a situation. This means training even my children for some survival skills that they may be able to use on a regular basis. It feels good being able to teach them these skills.

Out of all the skills that I would like for them to know, I feel that first aid is probably the most important. If there is no other way of getting help to people who need it or to my children themselves, this kind of information will be very important for them. I have started to teach them all kinds of information about emergency first aid for kids.

In addition to training them how to administer first aid to themselves or to other family members, I have been able to get them some different types of first aid and survival kits that they can carry with them at school. It is great to know that they will be equipped and ready to act in a survival situation.

16 2016 Nov

Freeze Dried Fruit and Vegetables Are Great For Emergency Food Storage

2-freeze-dried-fruitAs I started to pack away some different types of foods that my family would be able to eat in an emergency situation, it occurred to me that there were not many different types of food in the store that I had created that were fruits and vegetables. I knew that these items were very important to have on hand just because these different types of foods had lots of valuable vitamins in them.

To make sure that my family can eat something that is a lot more nutritionally balanced when there is some kind of an emergency, I started to look for some different ways to store fruits and vegetables as well. After a bit of searching, I was able to find some wonderful freeze dried fruit and vegetables that I could add to the storage food that I was setting aside.

With these different types of foods around, I feel that I have become much more prepared for anything that might happen during and emergency situation. It is going to be very nice to be able to have the right kinds of fruits, vegetables, and food items that we’ll be able to eat in an emergency. We’re a lot more prepared now that we have these items.

11 2016 Nov

An Earthquake Emergency Kit Has My Family More Prepared

1-earthquakeAfter moving to an area that is much more prone to earthquakes, I began to worry about whether my family would be prepared if we had a big earthquake here. It bothered me so much that I started to really take some time to plan out what I would do if we did end up having some kind of an earthquake at some point in time. Being prepared was the only thing that would make me more comfortable.

As I began to look at some different types of kits that I might be able to use just so that I would be able to get my family more prepared for anything that might happen. I was able to find the perfect earthquake emergency kit that I would be able to have on hand to make sure that we were a lot more prepared in case of an earthquake. This kit has many of the basic items that we would need.

I plan to eventually begin adding a whole bunch of different types of items to this kit just so that it will be a bit more complete. Either way, I know that just having this kit gets us one step closer to being prepared. It is great to be able to feel a little more relaxed thanks to the kit.

7 2016 Nov

Disaster Preparedness Kits Are Important In The Area Where I Live

4-earthquakeI live in an area that is prone to earthquakes and they say that there will be a big one sometime soon. I am very afraid of earthquakes and I like to have some added peace of mind with a good disaster preparedness kit. This kind of kit can help me to get through until help arrives and to have the essentials that I will need.

There are some handy disaster kits out there and the one I have is made just for earthquakes. I think that it is worth having so that I can feel better living in this area. Living in an area that gets earthquakes is new to me, since I grew up in the Midwest, before moving out to the west coast. In the Midwest, we got many tornadoes but no earthquakes.

I have been recommending disaster preparedness kits to all of my friends. My earthquake kit is something that is great to have and it includes many useful items for calling for help and for having some good first aid as well. The kit includes some tools also and a way to protect myself from rain and the elements. I am very happy with the kit overall.