31 2016 Dec

An Earthquake Survival Kit Is Essential For My Apartment

4-earthquake-survival-kitMy dad is a geologist and a seismologist and he has been studying earthquakes for many years. He has told my brother and I about the dangers of them many times and he has really scared us with all of the scientific facts that he knows about earthquakes and when they are expected to strike again. It just so happens they are a real threat where my brother and I live.

My brother and I moved out to the Seattle area after growing up in the Midwest. We moved after college and since we spent a lot of our life living in Iowa, we didn’t know much about earthquakes or about earthquake preparedness. There isn’t much of a threat for earthquakes in Iowa, it was more about being prepared for tornadoes.

Now that my brother and I live in the Seattle area and we know that the next big earthquake may strike during our lifetime according to science, being prepared is key. I have been really stressed out about earthquakes since I moved here and am always thinking about where I will go and what will happen if one does happen. Luckily, with a good earthquake survival kit, I can feel much more prepared and have much greater peace of mind going about my tasks every day.

27 2016 Dec

Keeping Emergency Meals Around For The Whole Family

3-emergency-mealsWith all of the disasters that have been striking and all of the stories that we have been hearing about devastating earthquakes, floods, and tornadoes, emergency preparedness has been on the forefront of many people’s minds. Having a good emergency supply is something that can really make a big difference as far as my family’s safety and security.

Having meals for emergencies around can really make a big difference for my family and I and that is why I make sure to keep plenty of them stored so that we can always be prepared for anything that comes our way. There are some great options out there when it comes to meals for emergencies, like breakfast and entrée packages as well as 72-hour food supplies.

Finding good emergency meals means that I can help keep my family well-fed and give them good nutrition in an emergency and that I can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with that. It is nice to know that our meals for emergencies include plenty of food for everyone and a food supply that will get us through those vital first few days if something happens, and even longer than that. With all of the emergency meal options that are out there, it is easy to find something perfect for my family and I.

23 2016 Dec

Freeze Dried Fruit Saves Me During Brutal Winters

2-freeze-dried-fruitI have always been a huge fan of fruit and when I discovered all of the benefits of fruit of the freeze dried kind, I have been storing it in my home with great satisfaction. I love that this kind of fruit is great for an emergency situation and that it also makes for some quick nutrition if I am fueling up for an outdoor adventure or just need a quick snack.

The area where I live has pretty brutal winters and having my emergency food always comes in handy for the cold winter seasons. Sometimes the power goes out in the wintertime and we can’t eat the food that is in the refrigerator and can’t cook something in the microwave. Other times, we get a ton of snow and ice and it is just too dangerous to drive to the grocery store.

Having my freeze dried fruit and other emergency food supplies around means that I don’t have to worry about getting stuck at home during the cold winters or having a quick snack when I don’t have time to eat a real meal. My fruit includes freeze dried bananas, apples, and strawberries, and the food lasts for twenty-five years, so I can enjoy it worry-free.

20 2016 Dec

Living With Peace Of Mind Thanks To Emergency Food Storage

1-emergency-food-storageI live in an area that is prone to many dangers. There are a few volcanoes around that could erupt and those volcanoes are not that far from where I live and there also have been some devastating earthquakes that have happened in this area in the past. I have definitely been stressed out about all of the bad things that can happen since moving here.

Living in an apartment complex presents its own dangers as well. You never know who your neighbors really are and someone could easily be careless and start a fire or do something else that is harmful. I have known a few people who experienced an apartment fire and lost all of their belongings in the fire, which is a very hard thing to go through.

I can have a little bit more peace of mind when I have some good emergency supplies handy. With my emergency food storage, for example, I can have plenty of supplies to fuel my body if I am out of power for a long period of time or an earthquake happens and my place gets harmed. Having some good food storage for emergencies helps me to live peacefully each and every day.