26 2017 Jul

Feeling A Lot Better Living Here With An Earthquake Survival Kit

I wanted to get out to the west coast for a long time and I finally did a few years ago. I have really enjoyed living here and having the beautiful mountains and the water all around me. There are so many outdoor adventures to try out here and it is so much fun to explore. I can always find some great hiking to do or go on a camping trip.

My dad is a geologist and he warned my brother and I of the dangers of living on the west coast. My parents live in the Midwest, where there are not many dangers of earthquakes happening. My dad studies earthquakes and earthquake patterns for a living, as he does some seismology in addition to the geology that he does.

Listening to the scientific data that says that there will be a major earthquake sometimes soon in this area really scared me. According to the patterns, the next really big one may strike in our lifetime. I still want to live in this area despite the risk, but having a good earthquake survival kit and knowing what to do really helps me to have peace of mind. It is nice to have a good earthquake kit that helps me to feel safer every day.

19 2017 Jul

Teaching My Kids To Live Smart With Emergency First Aid For Kids

I have two kids and I always worry about something bad happening to them. It is important for my husband and I to teach them to be safe and responsible in all kinds of situations. I can’t imagine losing a child or having something bad happen to them. I like to teach my kids to be smart in a variety of situations, including emergency ones.

Teaching my kids about the value of an emergency kit is essential. My kids are very active and they like to go out and to explore. They like to do some hiking and they like to travel as well. With all of their adventures, they need to have a good emergency kit with them whether it is an outdoor kit or a kit that they can keep at home.

With emergency first aid for kids, I can teach my kids to be responsible and to have the right emergency supplies with them at all times. My kids have several emergency kits that they can use anytime that they need to. The latest kit that I got for them includes everything from light and communication essentials to food and water supplies and shelter. This survival kit is an awesome way for me to keep my kids safe and responsible.

12 2017 Jul

So Many Reasons To Stock Up On Freeze Dried Fruit And Vegetables

There are many different occasions when having some good long-term food storage comes in handy. Finding some great freeze-dried nutritious food that I can keep at home is something that has been important to me. I live in an area with many risks for natural disasters all around me and I need to have a good food supply.

Having a good long-term food supply is not only good for natural disasters, it is good to have for blizzards and ice storms and even power outages. We have brutally cold winters here in this area and there are times when it snows so much that I can’t even leave the house to go to the grocery store. Driving on icy roads can be very dangerous.
Power outages are another reason to have a good supply of freeze dried fruit and vegetables and other essentials. When there is a power outage, I won’t be able to cook food using the stove or using the microwave and the food that is in the fridge will go bad as well. Having a nice supply of freeze dried food will come in very handy for these kinds of situations. I won’t have to worry so much when I have a nice stock of long-term food storage.