30 2015 Sep

A Bug Out Bag? What is it?

What is a Bug Out Bag? or Bail Out Bag(BOB), Get Out Of Dodge Bag(GOOD), 72 Hour Bag, Grab Bag, Battle Box, Personal Relocation Kits(PERK) Survival Kits, and quite a few other names? It has been suggested that the possible origins of many of  these names is the military.

A Bug Out Bag has nowadays become synonymous with Survival Kit. It is a backpack or ruck sack or something you could carry that will hold essentials for you to survive, if evacuation from your home or  community is necessary when the proverbial SHTF (you know what hits the fan).

Some say that a Bug Out Bag is for short term survival during an evacuation from one’s home due to some sort of disaster, natural or man made. Sheltering in place or evacuating for 1 day, 3 days, one week versus long term survival( Survival Kit). Yet both Bug Out Bags and Survival Kits appear to be the same thing.

Have you started putting yours together, just in case?


13 2015 Sep

WWildfires, unpredictable and deadly.Where’s the Wildfire Emergency Kit?

Is there a season for wildfires? Not any more. The drought in the western states has exacerbated our tinderbox conditions. New fires erupt everyday. Residents of affected areas are on notice to evacuate at a moment’s notice. One evacuee said the traffic leaving the town was like rush hour traffic. She couldn’t even get gas. How long will she or anyone else be away from their homes? And when they return, will there be a house left? Do they have a wildfire emergency kit?

Watching the early morning news, many northern California towns are watching the fire jump erratically pushed by winds that create havoc. Emergency centers are being set up. My cousins from their back porch can see the smoke moving closer. They have chickens, dogs and a cat. Luckily, they purchased an RV last year. They also are experienced campers. The RV is ready, with gas, food, water, tents, survival kits, pet carriers and a cage for the chickens. Their important papers, pictures are packed in water/fire proof containers. Their house insurance is up to date. Will they have trouble evacuating with all the roads packed with people ‘getting out of town’? My thoughts and prayers are with them.
And the question is, are you ready for any kind of emergency or disaster?

The best time to prepare is before disaster strikes.

18 2015 Jun

Be Ready, the 72 hour Emergency Supply List

Here’s the list, get these things together and you will be ready.

+3-day supply of non perishable food(dried fruit/nuts, canned tuna, peanut butter, etc.)

+Can opener

+First aid kit

+Sleeping bags or warm blankets

+Change of clothes to last 3 days

+Matches in a water proof container

+Toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap

+Paper plates, cups, and utensils

+Water- one to two gallons per person/pet per day

+Battery powered or hand cranked radio

+Flashlights with extra batteries

+Cell phone with charger

+Whistle to signal for help

+Local maps

+Pet supplies

+Baby supplies

+Books, deck of cards, games or puzzles

+A favorite stuffed animal or  blanket

+ Copies of all your important documents in a water proof container

Make sure these items are in one place, so you don’t waste precious time looking for them.


11 2015 Jun

3 Day Emergency Survival Kits

Coming soon more about 3 Day Emergency Survival Kits!

20 2015 Apr

Emergency Survival Kits

Coming soon more information on Emergency Survival Kits!