26 2017 Jul

Feeling A Lot Better Living Here With An Earthquake Survival Kit

I wanted to get out to the west coast for a long time and I finally did a few years ago. I have really enjoyed living here and having the beautiful mountains and the water all around me. There are so many outdoor adventures to try out here and it is so much fun to explore. I can always find some great hiking to do or go on a camping trip.

My dad is a geologist and he warned my brother and I of the dangers of living on the west coast. My parents live in the Midwest, where there are not many dangers of earthquakes happening. My dad studies earthquakes and earthquake patterns for a living, as he does some seismology in addition to the geology that he does.

Listening to the scientific data that says that there will be a major earthquake sometimes soon in this area really scared me. According to the patterns, the next really big one may strike in our lifetime. I still want to live in this area despite the risk, but having a good earthquake survival kit and knowing what to do really helps me to have peace of mind. It is nice to have a good earthquake kit that helps me to feel safer every day.

23 2017 Jun

Realizing The Importance Of An Earthquake Emergency Kit

I used to not worry about earthquakes very much but I have been realizing just how big of a threat they are in the area where I live lately. My dad is a geologist and a seismologist and he studies earthquakes and earthquake patterns for a living. He is very well aware of the dangers lurk in the natural beauty that surrounds my brother and I every day.

After realizing just how big of a risk there is for an earthquake in this area, I have made it a point to get a good survival kit so that I am at least prepared. There isn’t too much that you can do to prepare yourself but getting a good kit is a nice starting point. With the kit, I won’t feel so helpless if an earthquake does strike.

My earthquake emergency kit is perfect for my needs and I love the variety of supplies that it has in it. I will be able to get help more easily with the signs that are in the kit and I will be able to have the essentials that I will need as well. I hope that a big earthquake will never strike in my lifetime, but having the kit handy means that I don’t have to spend as much time worrying about it.

31 2016 Dec

An Earthquake Survival Kit Is Essential For My Apartment

4-earthquake-survival-kitMy dad is a geologist and a seismologist and he has been studying earthquakes for many years. He has told my brother and I about the dangers of them many times and he has really scared us with all of the scientific facts that he knows about earthquakes and when they are expected to strike again. It just so happens they are a real threat where my brother and I live.

My brother and I moved out to the Seattle area after growing up in the Midwest. We moved after college and since we spent a lot of our life living in Iowa, we didn’t know much about earthquakes or about earthquake preparedness. There isn’t much of a threat for earthquakes in Iowa, it was more about being prepared for tornadoes.

Now that my brother and I live in the Seattle area and we know that the next big earthquake may strike during our lifetime according to science, being prepared is key. I have been really stressed out about earthquakes since I moved here and am always thinking about where I will go and what will happen if one does happen. Luckily, with a good earthquake survival kit, I can feel much more prepared and have much greater peace of mind going about my tasks every day.

11 2016 Nov

An Earthquake Emergency Kit Has My Family More Prepared

1-earthquakeAfter moving to an area that is much more prone to earthquakes, I began to worry about whether my family would be prepared if we had a big earthquake here. It bothered me so much that I started to really take some time to plan out what I would do if we did end up having some kind of an earthquake at some point in time. Being prepared was the only thing that would make me more comfortable.

As I began to look at some different types of kits that I might be able to use just so that I would be able to get my family more prepared for anything that might happen. I was able to find the perfect earthquake emergency kit that I would be able to have on hand to make sure that we were a lot more prepared in case of an earthquake. This kit has many of the basic items that we would need.

I plan to eventually begin adding a whole bunch of different types of items to this kit just so that it will be a bit more complete. Either way, I know that just having this kit gets us one step closer to being prepared. It is great to be able to feel a little more relaxed thanks to the kit.

19 2016 Jun

Having an Earthquake Survival Kit Is Important Around Here

1 earthquake survival kitSometimes all it takes to survive is to be prepared. If you live in an area that’s prone to certain natural disasters, it’s very practical to have a survival kit ready for when the need arises. Because when disaster strikes, it doesn’t wait for you. It just does its thing, and us as human beings have to make quick decisions on what to do in that sort of situation.

For this reason, I’m really glad that drills exist for kids in school. They practice earthquake drills all the time, here, so children know what to do in a disaster. But having an earthquake survival kit along with that knowledge really helps in conjunction. I’m pretty sure the classrooms are equipped with kits, so I’m not concerned about the kids. It’s the adults that need to get kits, since their homes don’t automatically come with one.

While my earthquake survival kit has not yet been used, I’ve only lived here for a few months. I’m still getting settled into the new community. But I’m sure an earthquake will happen sooner or later, and it’ll happen without warning. That’s just how disasters work, and that’s why survival kits are so important to have.

25 2016 Mar

An Earthquake Emergency Kit Gives Me Peace Of Mind

earthquake kit I live in an earthquake-prone area and I am always worrying about when the next one will strike. I live in the Seattle area, where there is lots of seismic activity. They say that the next really big earthquake will strike this area soon, according to science, so I want to be as prepared as possible.

I try to take many precautions in order to give myself the best preparedness should an earthquake strike. One thing I do is pay attention to my surroundings. I look for areas that have the highest elevation because those are the best places to go to avoid tsunami water. My earthquake emergency kit helps keep me prepared as well and I keep it in a handy place.