12 2017 Jul

So Many Reasons To Stock Up On Freeze Dried Fruit And Vegetables

There are many different occasions when having some good long-term food storage comes in handy. Finding some great freeze-dried nutritious food that I can keep at home is something that has been important to me. I live in an area with many risks for natural disasters all around me and I need to have a good food supply.

Having a good long-term food supply is not only good for natural disasters, it is good to have for blizzards and ice storms and even power outages. We have brutally cold winters here in this area and there are times when it snows so much that I can’t even leave the house to go to the grocery store. Driving on icy roads can be very dangerous.
Power outages are another reason to have a good supply of freeze dried fruit and vegetables and other essentials. When there is a power outage, I won’t be able to cook food using the stove or using the microwave and the food that is in the fridge will go bad as well. Having a nice supply of freeze dried food will come in very handy for these kinds of situations. I won’t have to worry so much when I have a nice stock of long-term food storage.

30 2017 Jun

Putting Together My Own Emergency Kit With Survival Seed

I have been putting together my own custom emergency kits so that I can have one at the office, at home, and in the car. Having some good emergency supplies is very wise. I have had some unexpected car break-downs, for example, and having some supplies in my car really helped me to not be stranded and helpless.

Making my own custom emergency kits has been fun and it is nice to put all of my essentials in them instead of going with a kit where someone else has picked out the supplies for me. I have been working on my home kit lately and picking out some great supplies that may come in very handy for my needs. They include some seed for survival.

My survival seed is a great way for me to be prepared and I feel that it is an important addition to my emergency kit. If things get really bad, I will hopefully be able to use the seed to create a garden of fruits and vegetables and even some herbs that I can use as medicine. The seed is good to have for those worst-case scenario situations. I can’t wait to get more handy supplies for my kit like these seeds.

2 2017 May

Looking To Buy MRE To Store Wherever I Am

I find it important to keep a good emergency food supply at home, in the car, and anywhere I am. It is not only important to have some good emergency supplies at home, but it is important to have them anywhere that you spend a lot of time. I have experienced a few car break-downs in the past and having some emergency supplies in my car really saved me from a lot of trouble.

It is very wise to keep some good supplies handy for emergencies wherever I find myself. I like to have some good meals that are ready to eat handy in the office, in the car, and at home as well. These meals are easy to store and they last for a really long time. They are compact and they don’t take a lot of storage space.

I am looking to buy MRE so that I can have an even better supply in the office and at home and in the car as well. I am looking forward to putting some in my auto emergency kit, some in my desk at work, and keeping some stored at home as well. These kinds of meals can really save my life in an emergency situation.

18 2017 Apr

A Food Storage Kit Made An Awesome Gift For My Brother

My brother loves to go on journeys out into the wilderness and he is always going on some rugged backpacking adventures out into remote areas. He likes to have some good emergency supplies with him including some emergency food. I was looking for a gift to get him for his birthday recently and I found just the thing.

My brother had been carrying some emergency food separately for a long time on his journeys and it was a hassle for him. I fond him a great food kit that comes in one handy backpack. This kit made an awesome gift for him and he really loved it. The kit comes with enough food for three days and it is very easy to take with him.

Whether my brother is out camping, hiking, or backpacking, he has some great emergency supplies with him with the food storage kit that I got him. The kit not only includes some great food but it has some light and communication supplies as well as some handy tools in it as well. It even includes some other handy supplies like a notepad and a pencil. The kit is just what he had been needing and I am so glad that I found it for him.

11 2017 Apr

A Wise Foods Meat Bucket Is A Great Addition To My Survival Collection

I love having a good meat bucket that may save my life when there is an emergency situation. I like to be prepared so that I can live my life with peace of mind and not live my life always worrying about the things that could happen any time. I like to have some good food storage for survival purposes so that I will have the fuel that I will need.

It is very important to think clearly and to move quickly in an emergency and you just can’t do that without the proper nutrition. Having a good food bucket is essential so that I can keep my mind functioning well and will be able to make wise decisions. I love the new bucket that I got recently and that it is great for the whole family.

My Wise Foods meat bucket is just what I had been looking for. The bucket features a bunch of food and enough for my whole family for a long time. I love that I get a variety of meals with this bucket, from ground beef to roasted chicken, rice, and teriyaki chicken as well. Meat will be very important in an emergency and this bucket is just what we have been needing.

14 2017 Mar

7 Day Emergency Food Kits Are A Great Option For My Family

I like to keep my family safe in case of emergencies and disaster situations and having the right food storage supply really helps me with that. It is nice to have a good food supply that we can easily keep in our basement that makes it easy for us to have some peace of mind. We don’t have to worry about being left without food as much with a good food kit.

I was never one who worried too much about emergency preparedness until I experienced some power outages, some bad weather, and had someone I know lose all of her things in an apartment fire. After hearing about and experiencing these situations, I realized that it really helps to be prepared for even the smallest things.

With 7 day emergency food kits, I can enjoy having much greater peace of mind and not worrying as much about what will happen if we do experience a power outage and our food goes bad or if there is a natural disaster. These food kits are great for my family and I and they feature some hearty meals that will give us some important fuel. The kits are a handy thing for us to have and they help us to always enjoy peace of mind, knowing we have some good food.

14 2017 Mar

Finding a Milk Bucket to Store Milk for an Emergency

Something that is very important to have on hand in case of some emergency is a good supply of nutrition filled foods. For my family, one of the best ways to get the kids or even my husband to get a lot of good nutrients is to get them drinking milk. Of course, in any kind of a disaster or an emergency, fresh milk would just end up going bad and not surviving long.

So that I will be able to have milk on hand for my family even in an emergency, I have been working on finding some powdered milk that I can keep around my home. I have managed to find a great Wise foods milk bucket that is perfect to use on a regular basis. This has a huge number of servings of milk in it which would be perfect even in a long term emergency.

I know that with this as part of the food storage that I have in my home, it won’t be too bad at all for me to be able to keep my family healthy. With the right kinds of items that we can use in an emergency situation, we’ll be able to get proper nutrition all of the time even in some kind of an emergency.

24 2017 Feb

Keeping Good Nutrition By My Side With Food Storage Emergency Preparedness

I have been realizing the importance of keeping a good food storage supply handy in recent times and it is something that had been really weighing on my mind. I finally decided to get some good food storage recently to ensure that I have what I need to get through a tough situation. The food storage that I got is something that may save my life.

Finding some emergency preparedness supplies helps me to be prepared and to have the fuel that I need. If I am ever faced with an emergency situation, I have to be able to think clearly and I need the right nutrition to be able to do that. With my food storage, I can have nutritious dinners, breakfasts, and snacks waiting for me.

My food storage emergency preparedness has been a great way to keep nutrition right by my side. The shelf life of my food storage is incredible as well and very convenient. The food storage is something that has helped me to always be prepared. I enjoy keeping the supply in several parts of my home and am always looking for more useful items. I have even been recommending some good food storage buckets to my friends and family as well.

21 2017 Feb

Survival Seeds Are A Must For My Emergency Planning

Finding some good ways to plan for an emergency or a natural disaster is something that has really been on my mind in recent times. I moved to an area that is prone to earthquakes and other natural disasters and that has made me realize just how important it is to have some good survival supplies in my home and in my car and at work as well.

My dad is a geologist and he is very well aware of the dangers of earthquakes and has told my brother and I about the dangers that lurk in the area where we now live. An earthquake can produce devastating floods if your live close to the water and it can easily wipe out a food supply and the whole city. Living here in the Seattle area has many dangers.

Finding some good emergency preparedness supplies has really helped me stay prepared and to have some good peace of mind despite living in an area that has so many risks for natural disasters. My survival seeds are some of my most valuable supplies since they may save me if there is no good food supply around. The seeds are for planting an herb garden and they are great for my survival kit.

17 2017 Feb

Staying Prepared For Natural Disasters With Long Term Food Storage

With all of the devastating natural disasters that have been happening around the world, it has become more and more important for me to be prepared in case something happens in my area. A food supply can be wiped out in an instant and having the right emergency preparedness supplies on-hand can really save the day in a bad situation.

Finding some good food storage has really helped me to have some peace of mind and not worry all the time about what I will do if a natural disaster strikes. I live in an area that is prone to many bad things happening, including earthquakes and volcanoes erupting. My basement is a great place to keep my food storage.

With my long term food storage, I can have some ready meals when I need some quick fuel and nutrition. The food buckets are not only good for survival and emergency situations, they also work well in a power outage or when there is a snow storm and I can’t get to the grocery store. With my food storage, I can always have some good nutrition handy. I love to buy everything from buckets of freeze dried fruits and vegetables to dinner meal buckets.