I wanted to get out to the west coast for a long time and I finally did a few years ago. I have really enjoyed living here and having the beautiful mountains and the water all around me. There are so many outdoor adventures to try out here and it is so much fun to explore. I can always find some great hiking to do or go on a camping trip.

My dad is a geologist and he warned my brother and I of the dangers of living on the west coast. My parents live in the Midwest, where there are not many dangers of earthquakes happening. My dad studies earthquakes and earthquake patterns for a living, as he does some seismology in addition to the geology that he does.

Listening to the scientific data that says that there will be a major earthquake sometimes soon in this area really scared me. According to the patterns, the next really big one may strike in our lifetime. I still want to live in this area despite the risk, but having a good earthquake survival kit and knowing what to do really helps me to have peace of mind. It is nice to have a good earthquake kit that helps me to feel safer every day.

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