food storageWith more problems with disasters and emergencies, I have started to work on making sure that my family is completely prepared for anything that might come our way. It is difficult for me to make sure that I am able to get everything that I need to make sure that I can support my family if everything outside of our home falls apart in some kind of a disaster.

My main concern has been making sure that I am able to have all of the food and the water that I need so that I will be able to care for my family entirely. I have been able to find great ways to store large quantities of water all around my property. It is very important for me to have food as well of course since water is not all that people will need in an emergency.

I have dedicated one of the large closets in our home to food storage. Inside of this we have many different types of freeze dried foods and canned foods that we can have on hand for an emergency. I have a lot of this in grab and go containers so that it would be easy to bring these with us if something happened.

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