11 2015 Jun

Important documents for an emergency or disaster

Besides having your basic needs of food, water, shelter, personal hygiene, sanitation and clothing met, what about those important household and personal papers or documents? Whether you shelter in place or have to evacuate, do you have those important documents in one place? If you have only 30 minutes to leave, can you put your hands on them in a minute? What important documents?:¬†your insurance(life, car house,health), mortgage, title to your house, rental agreement, car papers, will, trust, emergency contact information, bank cards/documents, relatives’ names and addresses, medical/dental information, lawyer, doctor(s), pets and family members names, ages who live at your residence, place of employment, passport, driver’s license, credit cards and contact phone numbers, and important¬†family photos? If you had to leave everything behind, and were still alive, wouldn’t it be some consolation, that you had those important documents and pictures with you. Start gathering those important documents and put them in one place today. If not now, when?

11 2015 Jun

3 Day Emergency Survival Kits

Coming soon more about 3 Day Emergency Survival Kits!

20 2015 Apr

Emergency Survival Kits

Coming soon more information on Emergency Survival Kits!