18 2016 May

Freeze Dried Fruit Is My Emergency Essential

freeze dried fruit bucketHaving some quality freeze dried fruit is essential to me for emergency situations. This freeze dried fruit is just what I need in order to stay healthy with lots of vitamins and nutrients in emergency situations. I have always loved fruit. I eat fruit as a snack and I enjoy eating it after pretty much every meal.

I like eating all kinds of fruit, from bananas and berries to apples and pears. I love how juicy fruit is and that is somehow quenches my thirst in addition to giving me energy and helping me to stay healthy. When I discovered fruit buckets that can be stored for emergencies, I was sure to get some to keep at my home.

Having some quality freeze dried fruit is important when in an emergency situation. The fruit is great for keeping me full of vitamins and nutrients if I do find myself in an emergency situation or even if I get stuck inside because of a snow storm or something like that. My fruit is ready and waiting for me in my emergency bucket and I am happy to have emergency food that I love to eat. The fruit bucket includes strawberries, apples, peaches, and other varieties of fruit.

11 2016 May

Emergency First Aid For Kids Comes Handy In My Survival Kit

emergency first aid kidsMy kids are a very important part of my life. I cherish them a lot and sometimes I feel like I live for them. My husband and I have spent a lot of time and effort trying to raise our kids the right way and they are growing up to be successful and caring individuals. Having the right tools for survival for our whole family is important, since we live in an area that is at-risk for many natural disasters.

I have an awesome kit for survival that includes many handy items for kids. This kit includes items such as food and water, shelter and warmth supplies, tools, and first aid. The first aid kit is designed for emergency first aid just for kids. The first aid kit can really play a big role in helping with injuries and staying safe from any health issues.

I love the emergency first aid kit and how handy it is that the first aid kit is part of the survival kit. The first aid kit has about forty different items in it that will be of great help, should an emergency ever occur. I feel like I am prepared to take the best care of my kids in an emergency situation with the survival kit that includes great emergency first aid for kids.

4 2016 May

Quality Emergency Food Storage Includes My Entree And Breakfast Food Kit

entree and breakfast food kitHaving the right emergency food storage is very important. I try to keep my food for emergencies stored well and I try to have a variety of food, should I ever need to use it. My emergency food supply includes a great entree and breakfast food kit. This food kit is great for giving me delicious entrees and breakfasts and the variety that my body will need in an emergency. The food kit gives me a one-month supply and contains plenty of hearty entrees and breakfasts for me to enjoy should I ever need them.

Being prepared for disasters with the right food supply is very important. You need to be able to give your body the right nutrients and support, should you ever find yourself in an emergency or disaster situation. There are so many dangers out there and I live in an area where a lot of bad things can happen.

I live in the Seattle area, and this area has a lot of threats. There is a real threat of a major earthquake happening sometime in the next fifty years or so and there are many threats of volcanic activity. Living in such a beautiful area is a treat, however, I need to be prepared for the worst with good emergency food storage.

27 2016 Apr

Survival Seed Is Good To Have To Be Prepared For The Worst

preparedness seedsThere are many things that one can do to prepare for a disaster. Storing food and water is a good idea and having lots of other handy items around like survival blankets and flashlights is good as well. Having these items around is good, but they might not be enough if the worst happens. Having some additional items that may come in handy helps me have peace of mind, knowing that I am prepared for pretty much anything.

One thing that I decided to keep for survival lately is some seed. This seed is important to have, especially if the worst does happen. If there is a major earthquake or another major disaster, having stashed food at home may not help because it may get destroyed. Having something that you can grow is useful.

My survival seed is important to have because the seed makes sure that I can have some much-needed herbs in order to keep my food tasting great and to be able to grow my own food. This seed is very important when it comes to being prepared for anything. I can grow my own large garden with the seed and the seed can be stored for as long as four years. This seed is essential to my disaster preparedness.

25 2016 Apr

Disaster Preparedness Kits Are Good To Have At Home

survival kit I have some disaster preparedness kits in my home and they are essential to survival if a disaster happens. There are all kinds of dangers out there – from wildfires to earthquakes and tornados. When a disaster happens, every second counts and you need to have the tools necessary to survive and find shelter.

I like to keep some disaster preparedness kits at home, whether I keep them in the basement or in the attic or in my room. I encourage everyone I know to have at least one disaster kit in their home. You never know when you might need it. My disaster preparedness kits assure me that I can have safety and shelter should a disaster strike.

15 2016 Apr

Auto Kits Are Essential For Any Driver

auto kit Auto kits are something that I think every driver should have in their trunk. I have a good auto kit in my car and it gives me the tools that I need should I find myself in an emergency situation. There are so many things that can happen out on the road and I want to be prepared for anything that might come my way.

I could get a flat tire, my engine could unexpectedly stop running, or I could get into a car accident. These things can happen in the middle of nowhere and I might find myself stranded with no help in sight. I want to be able to stay safe if I do find myself in this kind of situation and my auto kits give me the safety I need.

5 2016 Apr

I Keep Freeze Dried Fruit And Vegetables In My Basement

survival kit My basement is packed full of freeze dried food, especially fruit and vegetables. The nutrients in fruit and vegetables are vital to our body’s function and I make sure to keep a good stash handy in my basement of them. I have several buckets of freeze dried fruit and vegetables and these buckets are essential to my well-being in an emergency.

The fruit and vegetable buckets that I have include servings of some of the most essential fruit and vegetables like corn, green beans, peas, strawberries, and apples. I love being prepared for an unplanned disaster because it means that I can go through my life without worrying as much. My freeze dried fruit and vegetables are there for any emergency.

25 2016 Mar

An Earthquake Emergency Kit Gives Me Peace Of Mind

earthquake kit I live in an earthquake-prone area and I am always worrying about when the next one will strike. I live in the Seattle area, where there is lots of seismic activity. They say that the next really big earthquake will strike this area soon, according to science, so I want to be as prepared as possible.

I try to take many precautions in order to give myself the best preparedness should an earthquake strike. One thing I do is pay attention to my surroundings. I look for areas that have the highest elevation because those are the best places to go to avoid tsunami water. My earthquake emergency kit helps keep me prepared as well and I keep it in a handy place.

7 2015 Oct

Hurricane watch has been issued. What’s next: Hurricane Disaster Kit?

Hurricane Disaster KitAre you ready?  You and the family have been advised that with in 36 hours there is a good possibility that a hurricane is coming your way. Is your Hurricane Disaster Kit stocked? Are you ready?

Making a family plan for before, during and after the storm occurs is the first step for preparing for the ‘storm”. Make sure you complete the list of tasks you need to do to batten down the hatches, before the hurricane watch is issued.  For example,  reinforce doors, including the garage, windows, storm shutters and the roof, clean the gutters, even perhaps construct a safe room. Do the generator and car have fuel? Is everything in the yard secured or stored?  Do you have enough food and water for every member of the family, including the pets for at least a week. Are there Hurricane Lamps when the electricity has been interrupted? Did you include batteries and an emergency radio to keep abreast of the weather and storm conditions?  Are there games, toys, and reading  materials ?  Do you have your important documents( insurance, contacts, bank information, ID, Social Security, names of household members, including pets, medical information. etc.). So by the time you receive the hurricane warning (24 hours), your family, and pets are prepared to evacuate or stay in place.

The best time to prepare is before a disaster or emergency takes place.

6 2015 Oct

Tropical Cyclones, Hurricanes and Typhoons

The news has been full of tropical cyclone alerts, watches and warnings especially for the Caribbean Sea, the North Atlantic Ocean and the Southern Pacific Ocean.  Still wondering? The most common name is hurricane. The West Coast of the US may experience residual rain fall from the hurricanes in the Pacific, moving up from the coast of Mexico. But nothing like the damage and destruction that can result from hurricanes in the Caribbean and Atlantic.  Tropical cyclones in the northwest Pacific, South East Asia and the China Sea that reach (exceed) 74 mph are called typhoons. Both hurricane and typhoon season start around June and continue through November, usually intensifying between August and October. High winds(74mph + ), floods, torrential rain,  thunder, lightning, storm surges and tornados are common weather conditions of both. Typhoons are more frequent, 25-30 a season, but cause less damage due to their paths. While typically 10-15 hurricanes happen a year, they are often much more destructive especially when they hit land.  Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina are reminders that people who live in areas affected by tropical cyclones should start preparing for the season well ahead of its arrival.

The best time to prepare for an emergency or disaster is before it happens.